by A.J. Antony

Valor Tokens


An arbitrary rating system designed by the Magisters of Ennfort, Valor Tokens are used to calculate a denizen’s value to the Realm.

Valor Tokens are awarded to a denizen upon completing tasks that require courage to compete, or bring honor to the Realm on completion.

The Magisters of Ennfort have a set of rules named “Valor Codex” by which they determine how much value a task/quest has. Usually, these tasks are set for the military personnel (knights) and non-military denizens who are nicknamed as “adventurers.”

Valor tokens are very valuable when it comes to promotion in the military ranks. Most of the knights prefer to sign a Chivalric Contract, which usually contains more Valor Tokens than Coins as the reward.

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by A.J. Antony

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