by A.J. Antony


Lifradics is an Elvic term derived from “Liffer” (meaning: life) and “radikks”(meaning: radicle/root).

Otherworldly Study of Life

Lifradics in modern-day Anglish means “The Radicles of Life”. The Lifradics section in the Library of Ennfort contains scrolls of wisdom related to the detailed studies of life. Compiled by the Magisters of the Hall of Enlightenment after rigorous and meticulous research on life, these scrolls hold the secrets of its origin and development.
For the sake of simplicity, current Lifradics is broadly categorized into:


This is the study of humankind in general. Earlier this was differentiated as

  • Mannradics: When Ennfort came into being and humans considered elves and dwarfs to be different from them, this was the only study related to humankind.
  • Aelfradics: This is the study of elves in general, coined from the Elvic word “Aelferr” which means “elf”.
  • Dwergeradics: Derived from the Elvic term “Dwerker” which means “dwarf”, this is the study of dwarfs


  • Florology: This is the neo-Anglish branch of life that harbors the scrolls regarding plant kingdom.
  • Faunology/ Beastology: This is devoted to the study of beasts other than humankind in general. Earlier known as Zooradics, the modern Anglish magisters coined the new branch of Faunology for including werewolves,
    centaurs and other debated creatures with a human element.

Scribbled from scrolls by Magistra Carolynn Mandrake

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by A.J. Antony

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