by A.J. Antony

The Mage Trials


The Mage Trials are held every month in the Tribunals to try the accused for practising Magic of Darkness (or “Dark Acts”).

This was earlier known as the Witch Trials during the time of the Sovereign Empire. It was later renamed due to a Plea filed under the grounds of “gender bias” by Lady Selene of House Hemsworth.

The trails involving Dark magic are presided by the Clergi Maximus in the Capital of Ennfort, or by the Clergi Primus of the respective domicile.

If the Trial conducted at the domicile level is found to be unsatisfactory, the accused can raise a Plea to the Clergi Maximus. However, the decision of the Clergi Maximus is final and conclusive.

Punishment for minor Dark Acts include a fine and short term imprisonment.

For more serious Dark Acts, the punishment is life sentence in the Oubliette Keep dungeons—or death by fire.

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by A.J. Antony

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