by A.J. Antony

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Arthurian Origins of Otherworld

The Arthurian Otherworld The ‘Otherworld’ is a group of islands in the Northern Hemisphere of the Atlantic ocean protected by the Blue Curtain, an enchanted wall of white magic that separates it from the ‘World’ outside. Although most of the commonfolk use the word ‘Otherworld’ for all literary references, these days, its use is strictly restricted to informal speech. The Otherworld...

The Otherworld

What is the Otherworld? Every race on this planet, including the various tribes of humanfolk separated by boundaries of politics, religion and color, believed in the existence of a world beyond the normal world. Though it is known under various names, the most commonly used word being the otherworld. The Greeks and their Roman counterparts, the Germanic and Celtic kind, the Indians, both of the...

by A.J. Antony

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