by A.J. Antony

King Arthur and Avalon


King Arthur’s death: British Legend

After King Arthur suffered a fatal wound in his final war, Morgan le Fay, the priestess of Avalon takes him in a boat to her healing island.

It is at the Island of Avalon (Isla Abbalonia) where His Majesty was tended for and revived, so that he may return to face his calling—reunite his true kingdom: the Anglish Isles.

King Arthur’s death: Ennfortian Legend

Once King Arthur was recovered from his mortal wounds, he ascended the Throne of Caerllion in the present day Alferheim. Challenging the reign of terror that plagued the Otherworld, he led a war against the Dark Queen Draciena Dengell.

The First Blood Bath ensued, and Alferheim was nearly destroyed. Battles raged across the realm, thousands died everyday.

Ultimately, Dengell was defeated and Arthur found himself mortally wounded. He took the long sleep, passing his legacy over to his son, Luther.

Like how the prophecy had said, the twelve kingdoms united under the Sovereign Rule of Pendragons. They were later succeeded by the Vardens.

Isla Abbalonia

King Arthur’s ashes are kept in the throne room of the Palace of Avalon, where his soul is believed to rest in peace with Morgan’s.

Isla Abbalonia or Avalon was the first island to be declared as a Free Isle, and it is currently one of the three Free Isles in the Sovereign Lands.

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by A.J. Antony

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