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What is Ether?

Ether is the unseen flow of energy that holds the world of Etharon in balance.

The Ancients considered it as a divine force and worshipped it. Some of the present day elven tribes still have sacred “ether wells” and conduct festivals and rituals—notably in the Cynthean principality.

Mages of the post Arthurian era, however, chose to see it as an “elder element”—stripping off any religious sentiments attached to it.

Definition of Ether

Magisters of Ennfort define the Ether as, “the medium that balances the elements with the living and the non-living, channeling of which makes magic possible.”

They further divided the Ether into two forms — Creative and Destructive—a concept they borrowed from the ancient elven religions based on Ether.

Stance of the Clerics of Light

The Clergi Maximus had also borrowed the elven doctrine while working out their stance towards the concept of Ether.

The Acts of Light and Darkness as put forward by the Clerics of Light runs alongside the elven concepts of Creative and Destructive Ether.

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by A.J. Antony

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