by A.J. Antony

A.J. Antony

A doctor and music lover. Author of Jackson Kross novels and the creator of Ennfort.


What is Ether? Ether is the unseen flow of energy that holds the world of Etharon in balance. The Ancients considered it as a divine force and worshipped it. Some of the present day elven tribes still have sacred “ether wells” and conduct festivals and rituals—notably in the Cynthean principality. Mages of the post Arthurian era, however, chose to see it as an “elder...

King Arthur and Avalon

King Arthur’s death: British Legend After King Arthur suffered a fatal wound in his final war, Morgan le Fay, the priestess of Avalon takes him in a boat to her healing island. It is at the Island of Avalon (Isla Abbalonia) where His Majesty was tended for and revived, so that he may return to face his calling—reunite his true kingdom: the Anglish Isles. King Arthur’s death:...

4th Amendment of the Pact

According to the 4th Amendment of the Pact of Secrecy, the Worthies from the World can now be enrolled in the Order of Ennfort for proper training in the arts of magic and chivalry. How are the “Worthies” selected? No idea. It’s a complicated process set by the Agency, who began recruiting people from the World-side to fight under the Council’s banner ever since the death...

Teleporch (a.k.a Portal Gate)

Portals are created by bending space and time with the aid of magical entities, fairy dust being the most commonly used aid. Portal Gating Portal Gating is a branch of study in the great tree of magical wisdom, and the mages who specialize in portal creation are known as Portmages. The Blender which Agent Klein uses in Jackson Kross and the Dragon Girl is a device with pre-loaded spell algorithm...

Valor Tokens

An arbitrary rating system designed by the Magisters of Ennfort, Valor Tokens are used to calculate a denizen’s value to the Realm. Valor Tokens are awarded to a denizen upon completing tasks that require courage to compete, or bring honor to the Realm on completion. The Magisters of Ennfort have a set of rules named “Valor Codex” by which they determine how much value a...


The Phoenix is a magical bird of varying size and dense plumage; the symbol of immortality. Most of the phoenixes are colored in deep scarlet with a golden beak and bronze talons. Their eyes are the darkest shade of ebony and their exceptionally long tail is iridescent with a flaming sheen. Most of the domesticated breeds have a length close to one meter and a wingspan of about one and a half...

The Mage Trials

The Mage Trials are held every month in the Tribunals to try the accused for practising Magic of Darkness (or “Dark Acts”). This was earlier known as the Witch Trials during the time of the Sovereign Empire. It was later renamed due to a Plea filed under the grounds of “gender bias” by Lady Selene of House Hemsworth. The trails involving Dark magic are presided by the...


Lifradics is an Elvic term derived from “Liffer” (meaning: life) and “radikks”(meaning: radicle/root). Otherworldly Study of Life Lifradics in modern-day Anglish means “The Radicles of Life”. The Lifradics section in the Library of Ennfort contains scrolls of wisdom related to the detailed studies of life. Compiled by the Magisters of the Hall of Enlightenment...

The Contract of Chivalry

The Contract of Chivalry is a set of codes that define the system by which loyalty/fealty of a knight to his liege lord is maintained for the services rendered by the knight. The Contract of Chivalry basically has terms regarding what services are expected from a knight and how a knight is paid. Ultimately, the fealty of a knight was based on a system maintained through one of the three main...

Portal of Stonehenge

The first portal made for the purpose of transferring the wyrms to the Otherworld was at the Côr y Cewri, now known as Stonehenge. The Portal of Stonehenge connects Britain to present day Darklands. The enchanting sounds of the giant stones (now known as Mystical Acoustics) were used to open the portal which was previously used by the elves. The Stonehenge turned out to be a one-way portal. That...

by A.J. Antony

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