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Arthurian Origins of Otherworld


The Arthurian Otherworld

The ‘Otherworld’ is a group of islands in the Northern Hemisphere of the Atlantic ocean protected by the Blue Curtain, an enchanted wall of white magic that separates it from the ‘World’ outside.

Although most of the commonfolk use the word ‘Otherworld’ for all literary references, these days, its use is strictly restricted to informal speech.

The Otherworld is officially known as Arthurian Isles for all geographical references and Ennfortian Conglomeration for all political and economic/trade references.

The Realm of Ennfort is the single largest governing body of the Ennfortian Conglomeration.

The Arthurian Origins

The name ‘Arthurian Isles’ wormed its way via the literature, because it was Sir Lionel Caerllion, under the patronage of King Arthur, who established the first major human colony at the present day Capital of Utherland.

The name, the Most Chilvaric Kingdom of Utherland, was coined in the honorable memory of King Uther Pendragon, father of King Arthur.

The most reliable recorded events that point a finger to the colonization of the Otherworld dates back to ca. 600 A.D., when King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table decided to put an end to the nuisance of dragons and other malevolent creatures.

Most of them were not a threat to the humanity. But the Knights of the Round Table argued that these islets of paranormal power scattered amongst the humankind, if organized along with powerful magic, could turn to a devastating weapon of destruction.

Dewyrming Propaganda of Arthurian Knights

Though a plan for an all-out war (known as Dewyrming) was planned initially, it was Merlin the Wise Wizard who suggested the alternative.

Merlin put forth the idea that these ‘magical otherworldly beings’ should be hidden from the normal human World. He went on to find a territory inaccessible by the Worldfolk for the transfer of these vile creatures—a group of isles hidden by elvish magic.

This change to the Dewyrming Propaganda was approved by the King and his Knights. The wizard, under the suggestion of Morgan Le Fay, the Chief of Nine Sisters of Avalon and the First Lady of the Faery Concilium, decided that the archipelago that was about half a hundred leagues away from the Isle of Avalon be used for the purpose.

The humankind was saved from the menacing dragons, wyrms, wyverns and other magical creatures and the Otherworldy Isles were forgotten for a few years. Then the Knights of the Round Table were perplexed by a new problem at hand—witch hunting.

Arthurian Passportal

The Second Exodus

Though the “witch hunts” were more famous after the first millennium, the Arthurian Knights were not unknown to conduct the same. However, in those days “witch” generally translated into something evil and rooted itself in the beliefs of black magic.

A knight least known to the Worldfolk, Sir Lionel, reminded King Arthur that they were constantly breaking their Codes (of Chivalry) by killing women, showing no hint of mercy.

Again, Arthur went for the counsel of the Wise Wizard. This time, Merlin came up with the solution with ease: transfer the magicfolk to the Isles, known to the Otherworld as “The Second Exodus.”

Formation of First Passportal

But the idea of sending magically adept sorcerers into a world of dragons and magical creatures was argued as “an act of utter nonsense” by Sir Lionel. He argued that there should be a control of magic and supervision of an impending rebellion.

So, with the help of Morgan Le Fay, Merlin created the first Arthurian Passportal at Caerllion for the purpose of a two-way communication.

Arthur’s Court at Caerllion appointed Sir Lionel Caerllion as the Warden of the Utherland and commissioned the construction of Caerllion Castle in the Capital, more popularly known to the Otherworld as Camelot.

Sir Lionel fathered the first Lion Knights, whose order persists even today, meandering through various family lines. The present-day Houses of Vardens and Hemsforths share their bloodline with the now-extinct Caerllion House.

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