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What is Ether? Ether is the unseen flow of energy that holds the world of Etharon in balance. The Ancients considered it as a divine force and worshipped it. Some of the present day elven tribes still have sacred “ether wells” and conduct festivals and rituals—notably in the Cynthean principality. Mages of the post Arthurian era, however, chose to see it as an “elder...

King Arthur and Avalon

King Arthur’s death: British Legend After King Arthur suffered a fatal wound in his final war, Morgan le Fay, the priestess of Avalon takes him in a boat to her healing island. It is at the Island of Avalon (Isla Abbalonia) where His Majesty was tended for and revived, so that he may return to face his calling—reunite his true kingdom: the Anglish Isles. King Arthur’s death:...

by A.J. Antony

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